About EmpowerME


EmpowerME was inspired by several women that began working with me individually all around the same time quite a few years ago. When they reached out to me they told me that they were looking for help with things like depression, anxiety, and relationship issues but soon after we started our work they began sharing their histories of abuse and/or neglect.

When they talked about their past and their continued struggles, it almost felt like they were telling the same story. They talked about how they put a mask on every morning in order to make it through their day. They shared how alone they felt, how nobody in their lives understood them and what they had been through. Session-after-session I was hearing them express how crazy and broken they felt. How they didn't understand their own thoughts and reactions.

Sitting at my desk at the end of my work day and reflecting back over these sessions, I found myself wishing that I could get these women in the same room at the same time so they could hear that they weren't alone. That there are other women out there who have had similar experiences and continue to struggle in many of the same ways. When I searched for other groups I could refer them to and came up empty handed, I decided to create one.

EmpowerME is a confidential and safe option for professional women who need connection. Women who have completed the program have expressed how deeply healing it was to be able to discuss such vulnerable parts of themselves and be received with understanding and compassion by the other women in the group. Although this is not a therapy group and isn't a replacement for individual therapy, many women find the experience to be incredibly healing.

About Larissa

Larissa Brown is a life coach, teacher, and consultant. She accompanies her clients on an introspective journey to achieve a greater understanding of themselves and helps them move past blocks that are keeping them from achieving their true potential. Larissa holds a BS from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine in Psychology and an MS from the University of Massachusetts Boston in Family Therapy. She has hundreds of hours of experience working with both individuals and couples, as well as extensive training and experience facilitating trauma support groups.

Larissa provides spiritual guidance for those who are open to this experience. She believes that our thoughts and feelings impacts our reality and that even subtle shifts in perspective can open doorways that were once unseen (or unnoticed). Larissa incorporates meditation, visualization, law of attraction, as well as incorporating her psychological education to help guide clients to become the best version of themselves.

When she’s not with clients Larissa enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters. She is a lifelong learner and is always looking for new experiences that will allow her to continue her own growth. Her most recent passion is gardening but she is also an avid consumer of books, and an enthusiastic car vocalist. She was born and raised in Maine and is happiest when she’s able to soak up some summer sun on any of Maine’s many beautiful ocean beaches.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
- Albert Einstein