The Women’s Trauma Support Groups of Maine


Providing a confidential environment for women to find support and healing from past abuse.


Thoughtfully designed to help you gain important insight into your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.


All while building a community of support with other women who understand.

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Congratulations on taking these first small steps towards finding support. At EmpowerME, we know how frightening this can be, and that’s why we offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation for each and every woman who is curious about our program. Sign up below and Larissa will contact you to schedule a time that works best for you!

EmpowerME values your privacy and will never share your personal information.

“I was nervous about going the first time, but from the minute I walked in I felt supported and like my story was honored and heard. The fear was real, but the possible benefits and connection that this group was offering far outweighed the anxiety. I am very thankful I walked through that door.” – Past Participant

“This group has shown me how a powerful group of women from different backgrounds and experiences can hold each other’s stories and traumas with care and purpose. It is hard to share, but I know that I won’t be disregarded or ignored.”  – Past Participant

“If you’re anxious about attending, try to remember that every single person in the room is probably struggling with anxiety about the group and everything it entails. If you can find a way to work through or set aside the anxiety, after a few weeks it will lessen. The pros far outweigh the cons.” – Past Participant

“Initially the cost was a huge issue for me, but I told myself that I would pay the cost for my child if she needed something so important, so why wouldn’t I pay for my own healing journey? The commitment may seem like one too big to take on but the rewards are so worth it.” – Past Participant

“It is always hard to prioritize yourself or your mental health, especially when given a monetary or time commitment, but the group became a necessary part of my routine, the cost became another necessary expense, just like food or electricity. I look forward to each meeting, even if the topics are difficult ones, and find that I need this more than I need the $25 a week.” – Past Participant

“I don’t think I have ever felt so comforted in such a state of vulnerability. I have been given the opportunity to evaluate where I am on my journey and listen to others who are on similar paths. It is our tribe, and while the work is hard, I am forever grateful that I get to share the burden with such a wonderful group of people.” – Past Participant